We create IT solutions that recoup investment and increase efficiency of your business

We help businesses grow through their automation. We accelerate the internal workflows of companies, increase efficiency, minimize routine tasks, and reduce costs.


GartLight: since 2004, we have been automating business processes for the sustainable growth of companies around the world

Innovations and information technologies do not just contribute to business development, they allow you to make a qualitative leap, become a market leader, automate the operation of a company, free up human resources from routine processes increasing the efficiency. GartLight helps businesses to transform their digital easily, without any errors or extra costs, but with a guaranteed result.

  • Cost reduction

    Automation speeds up any business workflow, reduces the human error and your costs.

  • Enhanced productivity

    Increase the efficiency of your operating system. Deal with strategic business development, not routine tasks.

  • Scalability

    We develop flexible solutions that can be scaled to business requirements and labor productivity.

  • Integrated solution

    We solve any IT tasks on a turnkey basis: from a business idea to bringing a product to the market with a payback forecast.

  • 700+

    completed projects
  • 100+

    satisfied clients
  • 21 years

    in the IT service market
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    work experience of the professionals

We solve business problems using IT technologies

We are not interested in just getting a client whatever it takes. It is important for us that your investments in IT architecture pay off and bring a desired result. We focus on your business workflow in order to offer an effective solution.


The GartLight team is not just developers. These are business analysts, architects, designers, IT specialists. Our task is not only to introduce IT solutions into a business process, but to predict what the effectiveness of these implementations would be, how they would affect business development, and how soon the investments would pay off.

Focus on results

If we initially see that a solution is not economically feasible, it would not lead to significant improvements in your business workflow, would not pay off, or a company is not ready to introduce such an IT-architecture, we will honestly say this.


We are interested in the return on your investment in IT solutions as soon as possible. Therefore, we optimize the implementation process by prioritizing tasks. So, your company is getting its first results even before the completion of the work.


GartLight is a reliable company that fulfills its obligations. We guarantee meeting deadlines, expertise and perfectly operating functionality of any implemented solution. Otherwise, you should not pay for a month of development.


IT solutions for your business tasks

We create IT products, automate workflows and increase their efficiency, integrate advanced IT technologies for the development of your company.


IT consulting

We analyze your business model, find weaknesses and identify growth points. We assess the readiness of your company to implement information architecture, develop a new business model or suggest how to optimize an existing one. We will show our strategic vision of how to solve business problems in order to ensure its sustainable development by introducing and modernizing the corporate IT infrastructure.

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Custom Software Development Services

Each company has various needs, so there is no ready-made standard solution that would suit everyone, and it is not desirable to implement something that does not fully solve the set tasks. We will develop a software product for the tasks of your business. We create an IT solution for unlimited scalability of your company, automation of routine processes and recurring tasks. We increase the efficiency of your employees so that you can use your human resources to achieve larger goals.

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Enterprise Web Design and Development

We develop multi-aspect web services, integrate them into company's IT architecture so that they form a single system and automate business workflow. We create corporate services, personal accounts, management systems with compound features, but a simple and convenient interface, to make web services work for people, increasing productivity, expanding business opportunities, assisting a company to grow and increase its profits.

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React, Flutter, Ionic, and Native App Development

GartLight develops cross-platform mobile applications using React, Flutter, Ionic frameworks. A feature of our products is high performance, speed, reliability, and ability to integrate with other corporate services. Take your business to a new digital level; optimize the company's internal tasks, speed up communication, increase customer loyalty and engagement.

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Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

Make management decisions based on figures and reliable data. We develop a platform comprising statistics and analytics. Our experts will assist to improve business processes and open up new opportunities for your company – to increase the speed of data collection, the accuracy of analysis by introducing intelligent algorithms into the infrastructure. An IT system will reduce manual operation, the number of errors and save time for employees.

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Cloud Integration and API Development

Make your business safer, more efficient and more profitable with our certified experts who can help you to develop and implement the best IT cloud integration strategy. We will assist you to avoid data dispersion, increase the flexibility and performance of your company, improve the real-time operation of employees, and make updates using intelligent applications. We provide round-the-clock access to information and cyber security.

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Identity Management

In large companies whose information infrastructure is used not only by employees, but also by suppliers, partners, customers, it is difficult to effectively manage user accounts and access permissions. We automate identity management, including the full life cycle of employee accounts, information asset and access rights management processes. We eliminate multiple authentication, improve user experience. We improve the security and efficiency of information systems, reduce the administration time and costs, and reduce the number of recurring tasks.

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We develop an information security system that is protected from any threats and meets international standards. We evaluate its resistance to internal and external threats, eliminate any vulnerabilities. We perform a risk assessment to determine the key targets for possible attacks. We protect your customers, partners, employees and corporate data from cybercriminals. Today, business viability depends on how properly your data is protected. By investing in information security, you reduce risks.

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Some of Our Valued Customers

  • The World Bank
  • HBO
  • NBC
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Moody's
  • Bank of America
  • Citi
  • Aon
  • Discovery

Our expertise is confirmed by international ISO certification

ISO 27001 certificate officially confirms Gartlight's systematic approach to managing people, processes and IT systems by applying the secure risk management procedures.

ISO 9001 certificate proves that Gartlight creates all solutions considering international quality and safety standards.

We achieve results in
all projects

We built information architecture even in large US transnational corporations. The experience of working on large-scale unique projects helps us to solve complex non-standard tasks. The financial and business results of clients are the best proof of our competence.

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Centralized Data Analytics Platform

An insurance brokerage company has made several mergers and acquisitions and began to experience serious problems with data warehousing and analytics. The company required to adopt a plan to address the challenges related to the post-merger information systems integration process and achieve a reduction in total ownership costs. EA Group and IT Department aimed to improve their ability to deal with the increased number of business operations related to the compliance with statutory regulations.


A scalable analytics platform that has increased the level of automation, reporting and standardization.

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Credit Risk Management Platform

Major financial services corporation was facing increased regulatory and internal policy controls, growing trading and hedging systems complexities while attempting to maintain aging in-house legacy systems with segmented and limited products and policy coverage. Existing platform could no longer support new business requirements for better data management capabilities, reporting and analytics functionalities. The maintenance cost of legacy applications was too high and was not available 24/7/365.


GartLight assisted with successful implementation of SOA-based Credit Risk Management Platform. Its high performance and increased scalability allowed the client to achieve enterprise-wide system efficiency improvements. GartLight has worked with key stakeholders to define an application portfolio of risk management services and sunset legacy stored procedures, C program modules and other legacy applications.

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Business Class IdM

Tier 1 telecom provider was looking for a complete overhaul of an existing IdM platform in order to bring the benefits of centralized identity management system to its business class subscribers.


GartLight provided a solution that empowered business class subscribers with easy, secure and privacy-respecting access to their content. Business Class Identity Management platform enabled a simple, automated, 24/7 way to resolve all subscriber’s needs around credentials, such as automated password reset, retrieval and finding user names.

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User Authentication Reporting

Major telecom provider faced challenges of processing and analyzing of multimillion daily authentication requests from its growing subscriber base. The company urgently needed a unified reporting platform that would allow to generate a comprehensive view of subscriber’s product usage.


Gartlight developed enterprise-wide reporting and data analysis platform with cutting edge ETL process that aggregates user access information from disparate data points. This platform enables real-time data analysis and corporate performance management capabilities including various dashboards and data filters.

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Surveillance Platform

Credit rating agency sought a solution that would allow surveillance business units to enhance and automate smart monitoring, workflow and reporting.


Gartlight has implemented turnkey surveillance platforms for two business units to track and trace any rating actions. These platforms were developed as a framework to build additional business units via customizable extension points. Platform provides advanced on-demand reporting and unified look and feel.

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Smart Forms Framework

Credit rating agency was required by The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to provide disclosures for all rating actions including Disclosure of performance statistics, application and disclosure of credit rating methodologies, disclosure about third party due diligence and other disclosure requirements.


Gartlight delivered a disclosure compliance platform allowing dynamic generation of disclosure forms for corporate, public and structured finance. Our platform allows plug-in-play integration for all lines of business via customizable extension points.

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Online Video Player Abuse Reporting

Premium TV company was developing online application for its users to view video content. The challenge was to provide a video abuse detection platform based on a complex concurrent sessions algorithm.


Gartlight developed a near real-time Abuse Reporting Platform by correlating the available video log data and user authentication information; designed and implemented a complex algorithm to detect concurrent video sessions that constitute abuse patterns, as well as a customizable, searchable UI reporting tool utilizing Adobe Flex.

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